Asset Management

Asset Management






TES provides inspection services utilizing technology to end user Utilities. Investor owned utilities, cooperatives, and municipalities are offered the capabilities to manage pole assets by monitoring their life. 

 Such as:

Non-Destructive Pole Inspections

GPS Asset Mapping

Joint Use Audits

Pole Loading Analysis


Total Assessment




Ultrasonic waves passing vertically down the pole allows the inspector to determine below-ground health without the hefty costs of digging. The UB1000 utilizes ultrasonic waves which pass through the pole, measuring time-of-flight in microseconds. The integrated Bluetooth technology syncs automatically with the inspectors tablet, uploading all pole data to the cloud. This allows for more accurate auditing data and a shorter average inspection time.



Our new Guided Wave Testing Device sends ultrasonic signals vertically down to the bottom of the pole, assessing below-groundline, where 90% of pole rot and decay occurs.  Designed to reduce the need for expensive full excavations.




Our EPRI reviewed ultrasonic pole testing technology has been used to inspect hundreds of thousands of poles. This process uses time of flight of ultrasound to determine if there are inconsistencies on the inside of a pole. Industry leading GRID Management warehouse and Field Data Collector applications ensure we have the technology backbone to collect and report upon both NDE and standard pole inspection data. 


Every pole is exposed to a unique environment once it has been installed. These local conditions affect each pole in a unique way, so we believe that an auditable, standards based process is as important as technology for a successful, robust pole inspection program. Our technology applications track and report on key metrics surrounding your process including audit details such as inspector GPS location. 

Our UB1000 process is easy and quick to set up, and gives you better inspection data. The results are comparable to a partial excavate plus sound & bore.